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Covering a range of topics from Roof tent types, accessories and storage, we’ve got you covered when it comes to investing in a new Roof Tent. Our Roof Tent buyers guides will help you find the perfect TentBox for your next adventure

  • TentBox lite XL

    TentBox Lite XL [All You Need To Know]

    Have you been feeling the itch to take on new adventures, because nothing beats an exciting camping trip in the great outdoors! But before packing up and heading out, make sure you have all the right equipment with you! When it comes to camping, sleeping in tents can be both fun and nerve-wracking; however, the…

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  • Why are rooftop tents so expensive? [5 Reasons]

    As adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers, we yearn for the ultimate escape into the great outdoors. And when it comes to exploring untouched landscapes, immersing ourselves in starry nights, and waking up to breathtaking vistas, rooftop tents have emerged as a popular and enticing option. These innovative portable shelters offer the allure of camping with…

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  • TentBox Classic – An Honest Review For 2023

    TentBox Classic is a roof top tent that sits on top of your car, truck or SUV, making it possible for you to camp anywhere you can drive. Developed in the U.K., TentBox has been popular there for years, but recently, U.S. customers have discovered this alternative to tent camping.   Starting in 2015 with…

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